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Your UK Outsourcing Solution to Low Cost, High Quality Component and Product Manufacturing in China.
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Manufacturing in China.

Source 2 China is a UK based product/component Sourcing and Supply Chain Management company assisting clients with individual sourcing requirements, hassle free, dealing direct with a ready made Chinese Supplier Base, ISO 9001:2006 and TS16949.  Outsourcing in China, Source 2 China supply high quality components and parts at low competative prices in various market sectors, Automotive, Aerospace, Marine, Defence and Water Filters.

Source 2 China offer a reliable service a client can trust, meeting all requirements from sourcing a supplier, obtaining competative quotations, setting up the quality requirements for production, overseeing production, arranging shipments from the supplier, importing the goods into the UK, delivery to the clients location, and handling payments to the supplier.

Source 2 China.
Using a supply base built up over 12 - 15 years, can operate as your China Sourcing extention, utilising their Chinese based personnel to work with suppliers overseeing production and quality requirements, ensuring that clients recieve on-time deliveries, at the correct quality.  All new suppliers are Audited prior to work being placed by UK based Engineers, for both ISO Quality requirements and Financial stability.

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